How I make $500 for every Idea

For the last 8 years working with Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve been cogitating on new ideas. Every day, I spend a half hour in the mornings at exactly 9:00 a.m. I call this creative wealth-building time, The Millionaire’s Crockpot. It’s only 30 minutes of deep thought on how I can increase my income. This 30 minute is worth $500 to me because that’s about how much I make thinking about my future Finances.

Of course, there’s a lot more to the process than just thinking about my future. There’s research and conversations with people I know that might have a greater insight about the topic. There’s the planning and setting goals for the next year etc. It may be October 25th, 2022 but this morning as I write this article, it is January 25th, 2023. I’m looking 90 days into the future. Some people would just write out a “To-do” list. I used to do that and it does help but if you want to become a super affiliate, you must see at least 90 days and fill your mind with vision and imagination…and then you can write a “To-do” list.

On the “To-do” list, I write out a list of 25 tasks. My first task is my FTF or the task that I’m the most afraid to do; I do this task first before I do any of the other tasks and then I write out four more tasks for my fun things to do. These are the tasks that I get to do after I make my $500 from my new idea. All the rest of the tasks are my 20% tasks. These last tasks are carefully selected throughout the 90 days. They are my bottom lines, meaning, I must get these done if it’s the only thing I do on that day. I review these goals and tasks every morning before I do The Millionaire’s Crockpot.

Learning how to write is essential to becoming a super affiliate; I write a thousand words a day.

After setting and reviewing my goals and tasks and my bottom line for that day, I take an hour’s walk around the park, I usually take a notebook with me so that I can jot down impressions. After a couple of hours of deep thinking, ideas began to flood my mind. When my walk is done, I sit down and began to write my Website Post.

It takes me about 3 hours and 45 minutes to write my post. The best way to learn how to write is by writing. The more you write the better you get…usually. My schedule consists of a 6-hour program. 3 hours of writing and 3 hours of reading. To be a good writer, you must become a good reader. I spend about a half-hour perusing Harper’s Magazine, my local newspaper, and the Liahona (a church magazine). Visiting other webmasters’ posts and reviews helps me structure my posts. Reading one positive thinking book for an hour and one skill set book for an hour. I also read autobiographies and memoirs of successful people and peruse short stories and novels. I read as much as I can and in as many formats as I can. All this reading helps me write better and it also helps me to learn how to write a how-to book.

The best posts are the ones written by great speakers. Mostly because they write as they speak. So, I practice speaking before I write. I listen to tapes and CDs while I’m exercising. 45 minutes to an hour in the mornings and 45 minutes in the evenings. I know it sounds like a lot but to trigger new ideas in my head, I have to be constantly filling my mind with good materials. I also like to listen to famous speakers as well.

Then I write the article and print it out and began articulating my ideas from the page to hear what it sounds like. I then rewrite it based on what sounds good. I then print out the revised article and began speaking to someone I know, like my mom or dad or one of my friends, and even someone already famous. Of course, no one needs to be present when I speak. For each person(s) I speak to, I rewrite it so that I can find the best voice for my article to publish on my website.

My final thoughts on finding ideas and committing to hours of deep thinking are, It is always best to get plenty of rest and drink a ton of water. Ideas will come into your mind naturally and at times when you least expect them.– so, let me warn you now. Keep a notebook and a pen around wherever you go. With all the thinking you’ll be doing, ideas will accumulate fast and they will also dissolve just as fast. What doesn’t get written down may be lost forever. I didn’t learn all of these strategies from Wealthy Affiliate or maybe I did but just now noticed it.

Coming up with new ideas for making money is a surefire way of having fun. Let me know what you think and please leave a comment below if you have any questions.

Keith Weaver

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