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Here Are My List of the Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

I need to educate visitors on why they should buy. Always take care of the relationships first and the money will follow. I need to worry more about how much value and education I should give to people and less on how much money I need to make.

What is it that I’ll be selling on my website? Am I going to be selling my own products and services? Or am I going to be promoting other products and services? Is this real affiliate marketing? My focus is to give so much value that visitors’ will want to buy from me.

The best way to do this is to weave my offers into educational content as solutions to problems. I’m a natural blogger and I can write a great post of educational solutions to my visitors’ problems. I need traffic as well.

I’m writing this post to help improve lives of my visitors so that they will trust me and purchase my products or services that I promote. They are buying the transformation on how the product or service will improve the quality of their lives.

So, my blog post needs to be solution driven and educational and entertaining as well. The blog is the vehicle to the Know Like and Trust factor. These are the people that you’ve already warmed up to your. And after you’ve got them to subscribe to your email list, you’ll still need to continue to giving. It never ends.

I follow a very simple formula that helps me get my messages to my audience that they will Know, Like and Trust me. You can do this at any platform, you please. You name it: Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc…

First, be totally on game with your content be clear and focus on what you want to promote. It will help, if you have a particular niche. Keep it simple and it will be easier for me to write and much more easier for my audience to track with me.

Some of these niches are more popular than others such as Self-Help, Photography, Skin-Care, Beauty, Relationships, Private home Schooling, Sport performance, Decorating, Cooking, Dating, Weight loss, or Weight Gain, Authoring, Health and Fitness, How to be a better parent.

After picking my niche, I begin to focus on a smaller portion of that niche. My goal is to become the expert in my industry that everyone cat depend on for resources on any niche. It is necessary then that my topic is narrowed down into small units of information.

The topic needs to be narrowed down and manageable so that I don’t overwhelm my audience and it also needs to have enough interest to have traffic get a steady stream of traffic. I need to chose a niche that there are a great number of peoples’ interests but a topic that not many are writing about. It also helps that this topic has other sub-topics as well. And the topic needs to be big enough that your audience is willing to discuss in the comment section (very important).

It would be important to write about something you enjoyed writing about otherwise, you can just get a job at the pepper factory.

This is Where The Rubber Meets the Road.

To find a great product, you must search the web to see what the needs of you audience. To make money online, is to serve your audience and it really isn’t about making money, is how well you serve them.

My Top Recommended Affiliate Programs

At every blog post, I need to give more of myself but if it’s all about me then, I should just write in a journal. My readers need some space to discuss my blog and I need to be writing for my audience. The best kind of blog post is catering to the needs of my audiences.

That means, I need to help them solve their problems. In which I do have a formula that works for about anything. It has only three steps to it but it works almost every time.

It is good to come at your website looking for answers and solutions to my visitors questions and problems. It is all about relieving the pain of my visitors and they take away the big prize that they can get what they are needing. But they must first get to Know me, Like me and then they can Trust me.

Another question is What are they afraid of because relieving fears plays a big role in having someone to Know you, Like you and Trust you just by knowing what they are afraid of. And then figure our how I can help them overcome their fears.

Do I have something new for my readers and audiences and fans to read that they might enjoy? Just find new material can help your audiences grow in the knowledge of whatever news you can bring to them. Keep it conversational. And remember to take only one person (Your Imaginary Avatar or it could be somebody you know for reals)

What would people do if only they knew how? Another question you can answer and this would be a great blog post idea. I like to call it my million dollar Idea. In journal, write a list of about an 100 questions on what people might want to know about your niche if they only knew how. These are blog posts and people would want to book mark your post.

My job is to do some teaching on what others need to know to achieve their goals. I can share my experiences but if not, I can direct them to where they can find their answers.

What are the common goals that your readers want to achieve. Write these also in a journal. Just keep making a list of goals and braining storming for new materials. You’ll never run out of great blog Ideas and your audiences will keep coming. I need to make goals for myself so that I can share it with those who need some help achieving their goals–so, start setting goals and achieve them. These are great Blog posts to write about.

Create Infotainment for my audiences. It doesn’t always have to be instructional. It could be something about you have a wildly life. Maybe an adventure that you have just journeyed. Finding your long lost family. In my case, it is a true story. I wish my mother was alive to witness it. That her sisters has finally found her and us.

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