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Welcome to Super Affiliate’s Choice. Hi, I’m Keith and I’ll be showing you around the affiliate marketing arena. Here at Super Affiliate’s Choice, I’ll be demonstrating the techniques and strategies of the top affiliate marketers. I must warn you though, becoming a top affiliate takes time and hard work. But if you’re game and willing to learn and follow along, we’re good.

So, let’s carry on!

Make money selling other vendors’ products.

Back in 1999, just before the big internet meltdown, I got my first start selling a product called “Sell Your Brains Out”. By a man named Ian Herculson. Making $5 was a big deal back then and he showed me how to do it on the first night.

Though I didn’t become a big hit I did discover that I can make money online by selling products. I was hooked. I looked for products to sell online and found another product in 2001, called the “Mail Order in the Information Age”, a book by Ted Ciuba. He allowed me to promote his book and he showed me how to create ads and put up a web page (this was my very first website too.)

Ted was too busy though, and I appreciate the time he took for me to learn about the internet marketing business; talking to me on the phone, checking out my website, making sure it was right and we talked about getting domain names at Godaddy.com.  Listening to a tape years ago, Ron LeGrand, a big-time Quick Turn Real Estate Investor, was interviewing Ted Ciuba about online marketing for Real Estate.  Ron Legrand at that time currently sold his Cashflow Generator online and Ted was the only one he trusted.

The whole point of this is that you don’t have to have your product, you can be like me and promote other people’s products. And that’s great news for you if you’re just starting. I have so much fun making money online, I’m so excited, even now as I type this sentence. And I know you will be too.

I spent many years receiving Social Security.  I was happy taking a meager monthly check and I forgot how much it was, but it didn’t pay the rent and I didn’t have the money to buy enough food.  Social Security sucks! But as I said, I was eager to take the lowly fixed Government Checks.  If I was to describe it, it was like a chicken receiving its feed, just before the slaughter.

I know what it’s like to be afraid of losing this entitlement income from the Government.  I know what works… and it took me eight years to get it through my negative skull, that I deserved a better life than this.  If you’re in this type of situation, I can help you.

My goal is to point you in a direction where you can get all the training and support that will help you succeed.  I’m going to surround you with the best affiliate marketers today.  I’m not going to lie to you though, it’s going to be the hardest thing you’ve ever done but if you stick with it, it will be worth it.  I’m going to help you get started.  You can always ask me questions and I’ll drop by to make sure things are going well for you.

I’ll show you where to go on building your own business if you so choose and if you’re interested, you can start your business journey today.

Other than that, enjoy the information here at Super Affiliate’s Choice.

If you ever need a hand or have a question, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Keith Weaver


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